SABBS Board Member Announcement

Following on from the SABBS Annual General Meeting (AGM) held today, Boerboel GB are pleased to announce that Pete Dixon of Aisha Boerboels was elected to represent the UK and European regions as a SABBS Board Member.

We believe this is a very positive step for the Boerboel Breed in the UK and Europe but also a positive step for the Boerboel community too.

Our commiserations and thanks also go out to the other candidates that were nominated from across the region.

You can read Petes full statement here but the vision is to bring unity and cohesion to the the region and to extend and increase the Boerboel communities in the regions and to promote SABBS and its constitution so that we can protect and improve our Boerboel breed.

Pete was a founder member of Boerboel GB and is both active and proactive in the Boerboel community within the UK and Boerboel GB will be fully supportive of Pete in this role as we would have been whichever candidate had been elected.

Whilst Pete is a founder member of Boerboel GB, Boerboel GB and its community is an independent breed club with many members which includes many owners and some of the top Boerboel Breeders in the UK.

In the coming months, Boerboel GB will also be forming a board structure to further solidify Boerboel GB and our plans for the future.

After our record breaking 2022 Boerboel GB SABBS Appraisal and Boerboel Show, we have some exciting plans for 2023!

The Boerboel GB slogan is ‘For Everyone’ and we welcome and invite everyone to be a part of these future plans.