Boerboel GB Shows, Appraisals and Events

Boerboel GB hold Boerboel Shows, Appraisals and Events around the UK.

Boerboel GB

Our Shows, Appraisals and Events are a place for UK Boerboel owners and breeders to show their dogs and get SABBS appraisals.

We are a community led dog breed club for the South African Mastiff in the UK. Boerboel GB are the only UK Boerboel club that is officially affiliated with SABBS.

We hold show and appraisals annually.

Our shows and appraisal events have record breaking attendance in the UK.

An appraisal is your opportunity to have you boeboel assessed against the SABBS breed standard. We hold SABBS appraisal events annually.

Our SABBS appraisal events are often held on the same weekend as our show so that you can attend both events.

The shows are judged by International Show judges. Our appraisals are for the South African Boerboel Breeder Society (SABBS). We have some of the best Boerboels and best Boerboel Breeders in the UK attend our shows.

We also hold workshops where you can learn about the Boerboel and the appraisal system.

These events are a great place to meet other Boerboel owners, Boerboel breeders and other enthusiasts. They are a great place to learn and pickup help and tips about owning a Boerboel in the UK.

Please see our Event News page and our Past Events page for upcoming and previous shows and appraisals.

Please contact us for more information about our Boerboel Shows, Appraisals and Events