Boerboel GB
The SABBS Affiliated UK Boerboel Club

Boerboel GB is the UK club for the South African Boerboel. Boerboel GB is the only SABBS affiliated club for the South African Boerboel in the UK and Europe. We provide information about the South African Boerboel breed.

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If you own a Boerboel in the UK, then Boerboel GB is an excellent resource for you. Similarly, if you are a Breeder of Boerboels in the UK.

Our growing community of owners, breeders and suppliers is an inclusive community. This is for the benefit an enrichment of the breed and owners alike.

Whatever your level of experience, we provide information and resources to compliment and support owning or breeding the Boerboel.

Boerboel GB is based in the UK and is managed by Boerboel Owners and Breeders. Therefore all of our resources are suitable for the South African Boerboel in the UK.

Boerboel GB are the only UK and European officially affiliated club with the worldwide main breed registrar, The South African Boerboel Breeders Society (SABBS).

If you currently own or are considering owning a Boerboel, our Directory is full of resources for you. From sourcing a Boerboel breeder, training your new puppy Boerboel or adult Boerboel to food suppliers. From supplement suppliers, equipment suppliers and all manner of supporting services for the well being of a healthy Boerboel.

The Boerboel GB community is home to some of the Best Boerboel Breeders and Best Boerboels in the UK.

We are updating and adding new pages, content, UK breeders, UK suppliers and UK vendors daily. Please check back here frequently to see the new updates.

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