Breeder Terms and Conditions

Registering as a breeder


Boerboel GB is a community for Boerboel Owners and breeders, therefore we only accept registrations from Boerboel breeders.



The Boerboel GB community is a professional group of owners, breeders and vendors. Therefore we ask that all registered breeders follow these simple guidelines:

  • Always conduct your business on this site in a professional manner
  • Do not post or display any content that is offensive or illegal
  • Do not post none Boerboel content
  • Do not post content that may infringe on other copyrights
  • Refrain from using profanity
  • Do not act in a way that will bring Boerboel GB, SABBS or the breed into disrepute

Breeder Membership General Terms and Conditions

Membership of Boerboel GB is subject to and governed by the Boerboel GB Constitution and all members agree to abide by this Constitution.

  • Membership is an annual subscription and is to be renewed annually
  • Membership will last for 12 months following acceptance of application
  • Breeder pages on Boerboel GB will commence 30 days following acceptance of application and will cease following 12 months unless renewed