Registered Breeders

The Boerboel GB registered breeder list contains some of the best breeders and best Boerboels in the UK!

To be included on the Boeboel GB breeder list requires that the breeder or kennel meets or exceeds the following guideline:

  • Registered with a recognised Boerboel Association or Society such as SABBS
  • Health Tests breeding dogs and litters
  • Provides a contract with a sale

Any UK Boerboel breeder that wants to be listed on our breeders list has to meet a high standard of ethics. Ethical breeding, health testing and DNA testing, along with local authority compliance are standards that any reputable breeder should seek to attain.

If you are a UK Boerboel breeder or kennels and would like to be included in the Boerboel GB Breeder Directory, please contact us

All listings on the Boerboel GB Directory have been carefully checked by Boerboel GB. However, Boerboel GB is NOT responsible and/or liable, either directly or indirectly, for an individual breeder or the decisions, actions and/or inactions of a breeder.

No rights are implied by or can be derived from a breeders listing on the Boerboel GB Directory.