We are pleased to announce that online breeder applications for Boerboel breeders to be listed on the Boerboel GB directory are now live.

You can make your online breeder applications for listing here

The steps for listing your kennel on the Boerboel GB breeder directory are:

  1. Complete the online application form, providing details of your kennel and giving Boerboel GB permission to use your content on boerboelgb.com
  2. Pay your annual subscription. You will receive payment details in a confirmation email after completing the application
  3. Provide your content (images, text etc) for your directory listing
  4. Your directory listing page will be created and password protected so that it is not publicly accessible whilst it is designed
  5. You will be provided with the password for the page so that you can review and approve the directory listing page
  6. When you approve the page, the password will be removed and the page will become publicly accessible

Online applications for suppliers and vendors will be live in the next few days….

Please contact us if you require any more details