2022 Boerboel GB Results – Championship Rounds

Boerboel GB

After a fantastic turnout for the 2022 Boerboel GB show, we have now updated the results from the championship rounds and the results are as follows:

Champion Reserve
Sub junior female TopGuard Ava TopGuard Sahara
junior female KS Neveah Colossus Belle of the Ball
sub junior male TopGuard Floki TopGuard Flonder
junior male TopGuard Jakyll TopGuard Ruff
Female Senior Siboveld Sansa Brandvlei Maia
Male Senior Colos Orion the Hunter TopGuard Cuthbert
Grand Champion Female Siboveld Sansa Brandvlei Maia
Grand Champion Male Colos Orion the Hunter TopGuard Cuthbert
Dog of the Day Colos Orion the Hunter
Male Family Class Afrika Dune – Topguard Ruff Mighty Cassius – TopGuard Hazzard
Female Family Class TopGuard Delta – TopGuard Cuthbert & TopGuard Slug