Joining SABBS as an Ordinary Member

As Boerboel GB are now offering complimentary membership to our registered breeders owners when puppies are sold with an ordinary member SABBS subscription, we thought that we should explore what is involved with joining as a member. You can read our post about this here.

We chose probably the worst time for SABBS to start our registration, right in the middle of the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and the International Show and Expo 2022!

Despite our inconvenient timing, the process was incredibly simple and quick, taking just a few days for SABBS to confirm the new registration number.

Costing just £50 for an annual membership as an ordinary member, registration allows the member to be involved in the society and how it is ran so is highly encouraged.

As expected there is a little form filling however the form is very brief. The application form is available in pdf format here and Microsoft Word format here.

If completing the pdf document, you simply print off the document and write in your details and sign the document.

If completing the word document, you can complete the form electronically before printing the completed document so that you can sign it.

Using Paypal, you then need to pay the £50 membership fee to

Once you have made payment, simply send proof of payment along with your scanned completed application form to

Within a few days you should receive a welcome letter which will contain your membership number.

If you have any questions about membership, we found that emailing got a very prompt and helpful response.