Colossus Boerboels Supports Boerboel GB

In the first of the planned posts regarding what went into the recent 2022 Boerboel GB SABBS Appraisal and Show which set new records for a UK SABBS Appraisal event.

Alongside the team of dedicated people that manage the day to day activities of Boerboel GB, we are very much supported by our Boerboel Community. This is never truer than when organising an event such as the recent show. In order to cover the substantial costs of hosting the event itself, pay for trophies, pay for the appraiser/judege and all of the other costs involved, we do gratefully accept donations and or sponsors for the event.

Without these donations and sponsors, holding events would be much more difficult and restrictive.

One such sponsor for the record breaking 2022 Boerboel GB event was Colossus Boerboels.

Colossus Boerboels

Colossus Boerboels are located in the South of England and is owned and ran by John and Chrissy Singh. Colossus Boerboels is a small, family ran kennel and they aim to have about one carefully planned litter per year.

John and Chrissy have owned a number of breeds spanning some 30 years and have owned and bred Boerboels for around 10 years.

Colossus Boerboels are registered SABBS Breeders

You can also visit them on Facebook.

Please take a moment to visit Colossus Boerboels as we publicly thank them for their ongoing support of Boerboel GB and thank them for sponsoring the record breaking 2022 Boerboel GB event.

From all at Boerboel GB and our community, thank you John and Chrissy and Colossus Boerboels.