How to register for Boerboel GB Shows and Appraisals

So that you can register for Boerboel GB Shows and Appraisals, you first need to create a Boerboel GB account.

You can do this by clicking ‘Login’ on the menu or clicking here.

When creating your account, please consider your usernames carefully as they will be used by Boerboel GB and SABBS to identify you. Obviously any offensive usernames will be deleted.

You will need to enter all information into your user profile as incomplete profiles will not be able to register a dog with Boerboel GB.

Once you have created your account, you will then have access to the members only area of the site. When you’ve logged in with your newly created account, you will notice that the ‘Login’ menu item has been replace with your username.

We are aware that currently your username isn’t visible and has been replaced with ‘[ current-username ]’. This is due to a recent rushed security fix by the WordPress platform and is being resolved as we speak.

By clicking the username option on the menu, you will then have access to your profile and importantly, the Boerboel GB Member Dashboard.

The Boerboel GB Member Dashboard is where members can book shows, book appraisals, manage classifieds and everything else that is still in development.

Once you have registered your account and entered the Boerboel GB Member Dashboard, you now need to register your dog.

How do I register my Dog?

In the Boerboel GB Member Dashboard, is the ‘My Kennel’ section. Here you can add, view and edit your dog or dogs.

If you have previously entered a dog for a Boerboel GB show or SABBS appraisal with us, you dog may already be on our system. In this case, when you try to enter your dog, you will get an error as it will be a duplicate dog.

Do not worry, you just need to contact us and provide us details of your dog and a member of the Boerboel GB team will assign your dog to your account.

How do I Book a Show or SABBS Appraisal place?

Once you have registered your dog, you can then go to the ‘Event Bookings’ section of the Boerboel GB Member Dashboard and book Show or Appraisal places.

You will not be able to book events if you have either incomplete User information or incomplete Dog information.

If you have any questions or difficulties logging in or creating your account, please contact us.